Country Houses

country-houses.jpgI was fortunate enough to be given a project at work to research the British country houses and royal palaces (images are taken from ‘Country Houses of Britain and Ireland‘-Tom Quinn, Photography by Paul Riddle)

Britain has a wealth of country houses, featuring a diverse cross-section of aristocratic dwellings from a range of periods, including the late medieval Owlpen Manor in Gloucestershire and the beautiful Victorian interior of Knebworth House in Hertfordshire accomplied by breathtaking photography.

9 thoughts on “Country Houses

  1. Ohhhhh you lucky duck! Beautiful, beautiful *swoons* (and I want the attic bedroom to have a bit of that flair, hehe, thanks so much for the scan of your room! I just love seeing the ones you did at school. I was babysat by a girl with a whole box of paper dolls but we never did anything with houses! =)).

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