A Fanciful Twist

fanciful-twist2.jpgMy favourite real-life fairytale princess, talented artist and fantastic storyteller Vanessa Valencia of ‘A Fanciful Twist‘ opened her Etsy store this weekend *dance*. Check out the fabulous collection of artwork up at her store. Hurry, they are getting sold as quickly as she put them up!

9 thoughts on “A Fanciful Twist

  1. Well, this is enough to make a girl float on a cloud for days… Picking candied cherries off of the tops of trees…..Besos.xxo, Vanessa ps:Thank you for all of your tips. I am afterall, a girl who paints in a secluded secret desert garden, still learning the tricks of the virtual world. You are the best!

  2. i snapped up a set of her cards…vanessa’s artistic style gels with the taste of many ladies in my family…i think that’s why i feel like i’ve known her forever.

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