Habitat #01

habitat.jpgSparked by shari, I’ve been thinking a lot about outdoor living, being at one with nature, enjoying picnics and barbecues (images taken from the Habitat catalogue do this so well). I will be featuring more interior design inspirations here, look out for ‘Guest Bloggers’ dropping in- go over to lola-news ‘Freedom’ today for more design ideas.

12 thoughts on “Habitat #01

  1. hey there you,
    I’m struggling to stay away from Habitat while i’m poor, but now you are tempting me to the dark side! Thanks for all your lovely comments. x

  2. i love these rich warm images… so cozy indoors + out! that dining table by the sea… sigh… and the way the wood brings the outdoors in… i am thinking a lot on my dining room :)

  3. These are just places full of ambiance.
    I dream of having a country home. A tiny small place with a area outside to eat and prepare meals under the trees. *Sigh*

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