The Cave of The Yellow Dog

cave-of-the-yellow-dog.jpgThe Cave of the Yellow Dog (trailer) is a moving Mongolian film that deals with the issues of family, loyalty and reincarnation. When a young girl returns home with a dog she’s found, she’s unaware of the impact this seemingly helpless creature will have upon her family.
Filmmaker Byambasuren Davaa say of his movie, “What I tried to do was to fit myself in with their lives. The nomads respect nature and they subordinate themselves to nature. They don’t just sort of go out and say, ‘oh, horrible weather today, it’s too hot or it’s too cold.’ Instead, they fit in with the weather as it is and similarly what I wanted to do when I made the film was to fit in with their rhythm, with the way that they lead their lives.

This week’s inspiration: the simple life (Sew Green)

11 thoughts on “The Cave of The Yellow Dog

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  2. hey! do you received your swap??!!, i’m little worry… tell me please when arrived maybe takes another week or something, but i think the package have to be in you home right now! well, take care dear, and emailme..

    and in other things your blog everyday is better and better! congrats!!!!!!!

  3. thanks for your kind words about the book, I really appreciate your interest and support!
    I’d love to go to mongolia and check out the way they live in tents – and ride their mad horses!

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