Moving In

moving-in.jpgThanks to Julie who alerted me to the new book at Book By Its Cover, that is so appropriate to the ‘Paper Dolls House Project’.
I immediately fell in love with the creative style of Alice Melvin (UK).
Moving In
is a concertina book inspired by the experience of moving into a new home; in Alice’s case a succession of furnished flats whilst studying at Edinburgh College of Art. The confusing folds of the book reflect the chaos as you unpack endless boxes into cupboards and shelves, and explore your new surroundings. Discovering that your new home boasts no less than four teapots, endless drawers of cutlery, but not a light bulb that works! It’s an exhausting job, and at the end of the day your new unfamiliar bed is a very welcome sight!


11 thoughts on “Moving In

  1. Sorry for not posting comments lately but I am in Paris and the internet is not treating me well. Back to England later today so hopefully I will be back to normal. There has to be a price to pay for being in such a wonderful place!

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