See Jane work

seejanework.jpgIs it possible to make your time in the office more interesting and the envy of others? Of course, check out See Jane work ‘Desk of the Month’ for some brilliant ideas and don’t miss the ‘pulling it together‘ feature for tips to organise your life.


7 thoughts on “See Jane work

  1. yes, yes! perfect timing on this. my desk is a wreck and the office time is very, er, not aesthetically pleasing :) thanks for the inspiration!

  2. oh I really need this. my desk is full of stacks of books and notes, but it’s really a matter of changing habits to get a tidy desk at the end of the day. And I’m just so terrible at it.

  3. After returning from Paris and dealing with a computer that thinks it’s French I have had time at last to visit the blogs. Had fun catching up with your posts and love the splatter art. I will put something together this weekend for the project we have discussed.

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