ilva-main.jpgSince 1974, ILVA has been bringing leading-edge, contemporary design from around the world to Danish homes, ‘We believe in affordable luxury‘. With new stores opening in the UK, ILVA is challenging IKEA with a massive homeware collection of more than 10,000 items.

9 thoughts on “Ilva

  1. We recently got an ILVA and an IKEA near by.I much prefer the style of ILVA but the price of IKEA!
    My new bed is from ILVA and I love it I think they have a design edge that IKEA don’t.Kind of an upmarket IKEA!

  2. wow, this looks fantastic… i agree with julie, ikea needs competition :) though they’ve furnished most of my house so goodness knows i appreciate them! i love the look of this line, though… very sleek!

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