Anya Hindmarch goes ‘Green’

anya-hindmarch.jpgAnya Hindmarch‘s “I’m Not A Plastic Bag” is a simple, rope-handled, study cotton bag made in collaboration with the global social-change movement ‘We Are What We Do‘. As expected, the £5 bags were sold out within hours of hitting the shop floor on 20th March. If you didn’t manage to buy one, the bags will be available from Sainsbury’s stores on April 25th. The bag will be launched in other countries this summer in limited edition colours (register on their homepage for updates). Obviously the real issue behind this bag goes far beyond carrying a reusable designer bag while shopping, learn more on Guardian Weekend.


3 thoughts on “Anya Hindmarch goes ‘Green’

  1. 5 pounds!?? Anya Hindmarch?? ohhhhh how cool!
    haha look at the line of people waiting! thats crazy! well I shouldnt laugh as I did the same when they released Stella McCartney for Target recently!

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