The Paper Crane Project

paper-crane-project.jpgEshu of abstract the day launched The Paper Crane Project, where she is undertaking the mammoth task of folding 1000 paper cranes for sending off to 1000 people. The original idea behind the paper cranes can be found here. Every recipient takes a picture of their crane which will eventually be compiled in an installation (contact her by email if you would like a crane).

In the spirit of the project, rebeccamissing (George), has generously offered a set of 5 original Polaroids for auction. The proceeds of this auction will be donated to the cost of postage and supplies for the paper crane project. The Polaroids will be released one at a time. The first Polaroid is available online now, bidding will take place in the comments section of the picture’s page on George‘s flickr photostream. Each Polaroid is online for 5 days for bidding and bidding for the final ends on April 15th.

8 thoughts on “The Paper Crane Project

  1. so cool – and quite an undertaking. i’ve been trying to learn how to make paper butterflies, not easy. and love the polaroids!

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