The Royal Art Lodge

the-royal-art-lodge.jpg Since 1996, The Royal Art Lodge has met every Wednesday evening in their studio at a nondescript Winnipeg warehouse. The collaborative process of drawing is unique: One member starts a drawing and then passes it along, giving each member an opportunity to alter, augment, and finally deem the drawing complete. As each drawing is finished, it is date stamped and archived in one of five suitcases according to the members’ opinion of merit. The group has collaborated on thousands of drawings which reflect the dry wit, quirky sense of humor, diligent exuberance, and youthful optimism of its members. Their influences are many and varied, such as comics, children’s art and book illustrations, film noir, science fiction, vintage pornography, George Burns, Dante, surrealism, and Fluxus art.

*** Winners for the Softies Awards 2007 have been announced ***


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