shiso-mama.jpgInspired by a collection of daily watercolors by Chris Ofili, to warm up and get his work day started; Shiso mama (a museum teacher/artist /dilettante and a mother to the cutest 2 year old boy, Otis) began a personal project in May 06 to create a collage-a-day, drawing on everyday life.


7 thoughts on “Collage-a-day

  1. i adore this, or rather those…

    i love how you put images together in the way you do.

    i’m still holding on to your email, meaning to respond… but… indeed it’s true, the cranes have taken over my life!

  2. thank you thank you! i am honored to keep company with such a wonderful and talented group of folks. i’ll admit guiltily, though, that i have not been making collages each and every day any more. but i’m trying, i’m trying.

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