Little Britain

bekonscot-model-village.jpgLocated in a small corner of Buckinghamshire that is forever 1930s England. What started in 1927 as an accountant’s eccentric hobby is now Bekonscot, the world’s oldest model village, population approximately 3,000. The miniature kingdom of Bekonscot covers 1.5 acres, comprising six villages and a fully functioning railway line in a landscape of churches, castles, farms, lakes and woods (via The World of Interiors, March)


7 thoughts on “Little Britain

  1. how do you find the time to get such a wide variety of beautiful, weird and wonderful, retro and modern? i love all your posts but never find enough hours to comment because i get lost travelling your brilliant links! so today i’m here, before i click a sigle one, to say i’m loving everything you post, and appreciating your regular comments on mine.

    this post reminded me of my childhood in Peebles, Scotland, where there was a guy known as Mechano Man. A local shop let him use their window to display all the amazing things he made from mechano, and it was always a thrill to linger there. one day it was gone, we never knew why (too often no-one tells stuff to kids) but we assumed he died. he lives on in my memory, and i’m sure 1000’s of others. thanks for bringing that to the front of my thoughts.

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  3. I am not positive about this, but I think that Beckonscot may have been the miniature village referred to in ‘The Borrowers’ childrens’ book series. These three or four books were written in the 1950’s, I beleive. I loved those books, and after reading the one that included the little people living in the buildings in this miniature village, I set out to build my own in the backyard. (That lasted about one day, until my little brother moved his GI Joe men in and destroyed the place!)

  4. Indeed – we were probably the inspiration for the Borrowers Afield – one of the later Mary Norton Borrowers books; she lived not far from here and the parallels between the two stories (real and fiction) are striking!

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