Rediscover your Creativity

scrap-journal.jpgdecor8 had an interesting post last week Journals as Inspiration. It’s always fascinating to be able to peek into someone’s journal / scrapbooks to look into the thought process in how a final design came to be (links: 1000 journals, 1001 journal, five and a half, Irina Troitskaya, Treats & Treasures, Kat Heyes, sfgirlbybay, and others mentioned on decor8.

If you ask a kindergarten class how many of them are artists, they’ll all raise their hands. Ask the same question of 6th graders, and maybe one third will respond. Ask high school grads, and few will admit to it. (explained in Orbiting the Giant Hairball)
What happens to us growing up? We begin to fear criticism, and tend to keep our creativity to ourselves. Many people keep journals, of writing or sketching, but not many share them with people.’ We are lucky that via the internet we can share in the creativity.


18 thoughts on “Rediscover your Creativity

  1. I agree on the quoted text, especially the ‘we begin to fear criticism’. I’ve been having the same fear… until Liz {abstract the day} encouraged me to post some of my notebook doodles.

    And I absolutely love Irina Troitskaya’s journals!

  2. i found this really inspiring as well – i have always kept look book type journals but now i am really motivated to use that same idea for a much more personal book…

  3. I agree. Notebooks and journals can hold quite the lovely bit of treasures. And, if you can break free and let your mind soar…It is all the more magical…xxo,Vanessa

  4. I’ve been keeping a scrapbook for years. And it stills surprises me that every time I go back to read my old ideas I still like them as the first day I wrote them.

  5. You are so right about all kids being artists. There is an artist in everyone.
    I still have all my fashion drawings and swatches from when I was a knitwear designer. I pull the portfolios out every now and then to remind me of those times. I also think they are a lovely thing to leave behind for your children and grandchildren.

  6. Thank you so very much for sharing 1000 Journals. I was totally unaware of it, and the very idea of all those journals being passed around and filled with stories and tidbits of life made my day yesterday.

  7. yes yes… it’s funny, for me i feel comfortable (well, more and more comfortable) on the blog format but still paralyzed with a paper journal… plagued by the inner critic still!
    wonderful inspiration here…

  8. I just love journals but I don’t seem to be able to keep one. I’m sure it is my inner self critic who always makes it too controlled and “forced”… but I admit it is self discipline of practicing everyday that is lacking in me.

  9. what about starting a kind of Round Robin: means, as an example: 10 people start a journal and send this journal to the next one in a circle, who adds thoughts and little arts or anything else. After 10 stations and a big journey, the journal gets back to his owner….
    What do you think about that?

  10. I love looking in journals like this. I have never kept a journal of this sort…instead I seem to put things in jars and vases. I am tempted to start a new path for myself when I see these journals!

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