Washing line

washing-line.jpgAfter seeing cally’s photograph of pegs for pink Wednesday, I was reminded of the fascination with Washing lines. In line with shari’s interest to document everyday activities (household chores), I did a quick search on flickr which yielded a large repository of ‘washing line‘ photographs. Here are more links of interest: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


16 thoughts on “Washing line

  1. i love these!! clothes on the line are great shots – good reminder that no matter how far you travels we as humans are all the same going about our daily routines…

  2. This is great. It’s funny because I was just skimming through an article on how air drying clothes would help with the whole global warning thing.

  3. I love them. I love the idea of washing, and clen clothes, and out door breezes.. I love the idea of times like when Jane Austen writes of the house maids removing the crisp white linens from the lines….Yes….If only I could muster enough energy to walk over the wash, and simply place the items in the dryer to cycle…Isn’t that soo sad. ;) xxo,Vanessa

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