Japan week 02

shinzi-katoh.jpg*Sigh* how is it possible that Japanese products are always so cute and perfectly presented? How can anyone resist the cute art & zakka products from Shinzi Katoh, for example. Imagine living in Japan, I think my bedroom would end up looking like i, ii or iii, but I would prefer iv and v

Other links around blogland- this and this via simply photo
a, b and c via port2port

I’m currently reading this and just finished this


15 thoughts on “Japan week 02

  1. I agree with you. Japanese culture is fascinating. I am amaze Every time I go to a Japanese shop or Super Market for the simple and beautiful way they display things. Even their vegetables look beautiful.

  2. yep, i am powerless to resist… have you seen all the shinzi katoh products at superbuzzy? the fabrics… the handtowels… the bags… i bought a little piece of one of the fabrics and it is too amazing to cut. all so so good!

  3. how about we plan a big blogging trip to japan? i think it would be the perfect place for us all to meet up. :) at least in our dreams…

  4. Hmmm … big blogging trip to Japan sounds like fun, risa.

    If our host is game, may be we can ride our virtual bullet train around Japan and report back to Crust Station to share? :)

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