Japan week 03

craft-books.jpgObviously, we can’t mention Japan without talking about its Craft Books. Japanese crafting has become a fixture throughout the world for their inspiration (often filled to the brim with beautiful photography and step-by-step instructions, tempting even to the non-Japanese speakers, probably one of the few foreign language books on the shelf).

Zakka , the Japanese term for everything and anything that improves your home, life and outlook. It is the art of seeing the savvy in the ordinary and mundane. To qualify as a zakka, a product must be attractive, sensitive, spiritual, laden with subtexts –
Please leave any recommendations in the comments section.

Available at Amazon jp, Bella Dia recommends, Craftlog, Japan Centre, Kitty-Craft (free patterns @ ‘Pattern Room’) Kinokuniya, Superbuzzy, YesAsia

14 thoughts on “Japan week 03

  1. I would soooooo be there! I was just in the 17th street market in Tucson buying all kinds of Japanese candies in wonderful wrappers! Oh, I just love it.. And that little child…..If only Chow Yun Fat (I know he was born on an Island off of Hong Kong, and not Japan) But if only he would see what cute kids we could have together, I could have one of those cutie babes myself…..Oh, ya I forgot….I don’t want kids….Not yet anyway…. :) Is it there yet?????(goblin treasure)

  2. I got a bunch of Japanese craft book a couple of months back
    my favourite though are the craft mags
    Cotton Time and Cotton Friend
    Wonderful, inspiring ideas!
    another Japanese book/mag I love is… Dear Sweet Home
    calm colours and aesthetic

  3. there is a big big craft book website in the works…. i’ll tell you more about it when it launches!! :)

    i think i could just look at japanese craft books all day…. that would be so lovely

  4. Yes! Yes! Japanese crafts books. they fill me with joy. I’m very lucky to own a couple sent by a wonderful blogger friend :)
    I’m also on the look out for japanese ceramic books.

  5. yes yes indeed… when i need a dose of pure beauty and simplicity and innovation i always go to my japanese books! lovely items and so beautifully styled and photographed.

  6. How long must it take you to download and create this collages? i am amazed by your time and energy! It would take me a lifetime simply to find the resources you share so generously with us!

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