Japan week 04

fruits.jpgFashion: photographer Shoichi Aoki’s book Fruits, Fresh Fruits, from the streets of Harajuku in Tokyo, point the way to an extraordinarily imaginative and invariably stunning glut of mongrel fashion heists. All shades of aesthetic are raided, with exquisite, scrupulous attention to detail. Punk is a favourite, as is, appropriately, Vivienne Westwood, alongside Milk and Jean-Paul Gaultier, and the occasional Comme des Garcons.
Although a little outrageous and outlandish, I can only imagine the amount of time it took them to get ready, with the layers of clothing and attention to detail. Perhaps in relation to their favourite manga character? Children fashion, Fashion in Japan, FRUiTs, Inspired, Inspired II, Inspired III, non-no, Japan Fashion Week, Japanese magazines, Japanese Streets, Tokyo Street Style


10 thoughts on “Japan week 04

  1. love forever japanese fashion…

    ummm i’m little worry, because the swap not arrives yet, maybe is very late, or takes so many weeks, or maybe never comes……
    what a sadness, my first swap!, snifff, well i have hope anyway…

    i email you, if arrives soon.

  2. My oldest daughter was totally into this type of dress a year ago,I had given her the books,and she went to town creating outfits! Her birthday party was even themed to this last year! It was adorable,and hard to give instructions on how to dress! The little girls loved it ! Funny thing is ,she is totally OVER Harajuku fashion now!

  3. such creative, unique looks…Gwen Stefani made this look very mainstream but the Japanese are so inspiring!
    I love that mix of gothic, victorian, girly princess look…they are so into it!

  4. i agree with the other comments… i wish i had the nerve to dress like this :) and the time!! it does look like it is a full lifestyle… i can’t imagine the time it must take to put together all the details… complete performance art!

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