Japan week 06

japan-household.jpgHope you’ve all enjoyed Japan week, I definitely had fun doing the research, there’s just so much beauty out there to discover and I can go on forever, but I will finish on this post relating to Japanese interiors. Since many of us are thinking about simplifying life, de-cluttering and taking green issues seriously. I believe Japanese design wins by seeing beauty in simplicity, the use of natural materials to create quality sustainable products.
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In 2001, Japan worked out it was going to run out of places to landfill. So the government passed a law adding the cost of recycling home appliances to the retail price. The law guaranteed revenue to invest in recycling plants. Now over 80% of Japan’s TVs are recycled. What is really inspiring is that companies like Hitachi and Toshiba are developing Design for Disassembly software to help them create more sustainable products. How a product will be recycled is now built into the design process and informs how the product is made.‘(Howies catalogue)

12 thoughts on “Japan week 06

  1. I found japanese design share similarities with scandinavian’s, and they are both are timeless! thank you for the inspiration, seems like you had a fun week, too. ;-)

  2. Simplicity, unclutter and space to breath is all I’m trying to achive at the moment.
    I need to have a proper look at those inspiring site you have here.
    These are good news for us and for the planet.
    Thanks for this japanese week.

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