Compartmental living

smallest-coolest-apartment.jpgApartment Therapy opened a contest for ‘The Smallest, Coolest Apartment‘ in the U.S that is under 650 square feet (60 square meters). ‘Because we’ve never accepted that a lack of space is fatal when it comes to creating an inspiring home and nothing thrills us more than the hand-made home or the stylish studio wedged into an urban crevice.‘ Winners will be announced May 17th from the most ingenious and beautiful submissions, along with tips and resources we need to maximize our own homes. Entry deadline has ended, click over to see all the submissions.

6 thoughts on “Compartmental living

  1. i admire people who can manage to have a beautiful small space! it takes a lot of discipline.
    ps-i started designing my dressing room…i have the basic ideas down but getting perspective right is tough! i think i am going to go for an off perspective on purpose kind of look…

  2. One must be organized and neat to live in such spaces.
    In our old old house where we lived for ten years,
    we had a very small bathroom,
    it had a funky tub that looked like a Washing machine box or dishwasher box, small and hard to get into. The bathroom had no counter nor cupboard. I could stand and touch the walls on four side if I turned in a circle with my arms extended. Our family of four, four towels hanging in a row, four toothbrushes in a glass with the tube of tooth paste too. A small mirror above the sink, that the children never could see their face in. Behind the door we had a shoe holder, in each slot where a shoe was to fit we had bathroom items…such as: a bar of soap, shampoo, a razor, a tweezer, cotton swaps, etc.
    I have the fondest memories of that little hole in the wall.

  3. It has always been a dream of mine to have no more things than fit into one sea-trunk. When starting family-life everything got a bit messed-up…looooooooooooooots of stuff. Now I’m back with trying to reduce. That’s why I like this competition: Soooo many great ideas.
    But I fear I will never manage to get there….

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