Design Fingers

10×10.jpgKorean stationery are amongst the most sought after in the world for it’s cuteness and quality. I love everything on the 10×10 site, packed to the brim with so many great products & inspirations. Check out ‘Design Fingers’ for crafting products and ideas. I’m tempted to start an art journal after browsing the site (it’ll be one I frequent). They also have the coolest inspiration board/wire ideas, *enjoy*!



14 thoughts on “Design Fingers

  1. oooh! thanks for pointing these out, i’m definitely going to head over to the links as soon as i’m finished looking at your blog :)

  2. i am such a stationery junkie… love all of this!! makes me so excited to go to korea next month. clearly my suitcase will be laden with paper :)

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