Magical goodie bag

fanciful-twist.jpgAfter the success of Vanessa‘s show, it was time for a tired princess to treat herself, and what better way to celebrate than to buy a new pair of shoes? So, the hunt began to replace her twice-glued ‘Deloris & Maxine’ favs. With the promise of a ‘Fanciful Treat’, the comments poured in on the suggestion of a new pair (a Farylrobin was chosen).
That’s not all, because she’s a wonderful girl, she decided to put the names of everyone who commented into a hat for a wild unknown goody bag -Guess what? I Won! (I feel so lucky, this is the second time I won in a blogger draw)~ you can see her preparing them here.

True to form, a fanciful ‘twist‘ did not arrive without one…I realised I’d given her the wrong postcode! (silly I know, but I write my work address more than my own). Many apologies later, I was hoping that it’d be returned to her and we’d try again. Here’s the twist, it arrived safely in my postbox (how did that happen? it was meant to be). On opening the packet, I was covered head-to-toe in her magical fairy dust (glitter). Look at all the wonderful stuff she’d sent! little trinkets inside a beautiful sequined bag carried by a butterfly. The most special thing was a card sealed by wax in an envelope, she’d spent a whole afternoon lounging in bed with chocolates drawing it just for me. Ooh, I love this gal!


10 thoughts on “Magical goodie bag

  1. Congrats on the show. The goodies look fanciful indeed.

    And note to self – I should not let my better half know that I like those cute shoes, or else she may start dragging me to join in her future shoes shopping. (big smile)

  2. You deserved it and sooo much more! You are so much fun to send goodies to! Your blog is sooo amazing. You share so much style and flare and wonderfulness with all of us…The least that could happen was that you win! Right???? And you really did!!! Yippee! xxo,Vanessa

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