John-Paul Pietrus

johnpaulpietrus.jpgJohn-Paul Pietrus is a London based photographer who produces highly ‘lacqured’ classical yet modern fashion imagery. His influences range from sources as varied as Charles Baudelaire poems to the romance of Chinese watercolors.

Whilst never forgetting the importance and necessity of commerciality in photography, John-Paul Pietrus has always pursued to incorporate art foundations into his work, which is what makes his photographs memorable. (Folk Journey)


8 thoughts on “John-Paul Pietrus

  1. wow! weird… i was just googling myself on an ego trip and found this site. thanks for putting me on, and thanks to all you luvvies for your great comments! i am really flattered. it was an autumn winter shoot, actually, and i must tell you that the magazine that commissioned it thought it was ugly so didn’t run it! inside info told me that the fashion editor of the mag was actually jealous of the fashion editor of this shoot, that the guy on my shoot did a better job than the fashion editor of the mag himself, and that’s why he didn’t run it. anyway, it’s really really nice to get good feedback as i’ve suffered criticism lately for being ‘too creative.’ pls view more of my work at, and thanks again.

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