Chinese folk art

maopost.jpgVintage Chinese calendar cards (about the size of a playing card) popular at the end of the 70’s & propaganda posters available at Maopost.

10 thoughts on “Chinese folk art

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  2. as a child i had a book with illustrations like these…i wonder if it is still in my mom’s house somewhere. if i find it i’ll share it with you. as far as i can remember it was a beautiful book…at least to a 5 year old.

  3. oh these are adorable!!! love the images….
    i have lots of playing cards from the 70’s – cute images and I love the size…guess thats why ATCs are so popular…

  4. I want every single one of those!!! they are wonderful! YEs, I ask too, how do you manage to bring us amazing stuff day after day after day???? You are amazing! xxo, Vanessa

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