Print in fashion

printinfashion.jpgI was telling amisha the other day how much I love Spring fashion at the moment with folksy prints & patterns everywhere. Today’s selection are from Forever21, Free People, Leaves of Grass, Mina London, Tibi, Topshop (more to come..)

Book: Print in Fashion

14 thoughts on “Print in fashion

  1. Yes I love spring clothing too. After winter is gone I feel like if I have taken a huge weight off my shoulders. Spring is just so refreshing and airy and these patterns…umh my favorite thing. My favored is the top left one, although I don’t seem to use a lot of open back clothes…

  2. well its still warm here in Sydney and Im keen to buy some winter pumps for work…
    I wish we had Forever21 overhere although Im so far from 21 haha! Did you hear Diane Von Frustenburg is suing them for stealing her designs?
    What about Kate Moss and the TopShop frenzy! crazy…every time I see pictures of her I just think Junkie….so put off now …

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  4. i’m with risa… i want to go shopping with you :) great picks for spring fashion! much as i am in shock about the heat i do love the clothes… i’m happy to be going for my sleeveless flowy dresses and thin indian cottons and drapy things that lend themselves to hot muggy weather!

  5. I love how fashionable pattern is right now. As much as I like solids– often in neutral colors, the patterns out there are gorgeous!

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