Organised chaos II

tim-n-jacob.jpgVogue photographer Tim Walker & stylist Jacob Kjeldgaard shares a factory house in the middle of the metropolitan upheaval of London. Their living space is a mishmash of objects where nothing matches, yet the ‘organised chaos’ somehow radiates a cosy environment. Tim and Jacob would happily scour flea markets and second-hand shops to decorate their space – a vibrant eclectic wonderland (Glamour, nl).

15 thoughts on “Organised chaos II

  1. Hey crustation I goofed at my blog, I put my anniversary post on my animation blog when I really meant to put it on my craft and sewing blog! So I have switched them, but your comment could not go with it, you had said “Congrats on your 7 year anniverary! That is the sweeest message ever, and what a lovely couple you are :) Love your ‘pulling faces’ and cool stripey shoes! Have a fabulous time celebrating.” if you could kindly copy and past that over to my craft blog at then I’ll put my response up, so sorry about that! Oops.

  2. i have dreams of having a craftsroom or crafts corner in a basement where i can also display all of my cafty collections. i’m not sure i could live in a whole house like this, but one room would be fab!

  3. wow! that looks like the photos in marie claire idees. not the style so much as the excitement that you will see something different every single time you look… these rooms are like a treasure hunt.

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