Organised chaos

ann-shore.jpgWhen I saw these images from Elle Decor on Jen’s blog, I fell instantly in love with the distressed collage quality of the way Ann Shore [a fashion designer-turned stylist] decorates her rooms. ‘Ann has a way of visualising her thoughts through image and the arrangement of things. It’s why she loves collage so much, and why her home is covered in them, from the fridge to the walls via the back doors. It’s as if her home – and by natural extension the shop and deli – were a giant sketch pad onto which she draws her idea.’

I agree with Paula and, fascinated at the same time by people who create wonderful atmospheres while surrounded by many objects.


11 thoughts on “Organised chaos

  1. i find these images captivating but at the same time overwhelming… i don’t think that i could create a space of beauty of so many things!! it is a true skill to make a room like this look lovely and not cluttered. i go in cycles… gather and toss out, gather and toss out :)

  2. I think, it’s two things: on one hand you creat a room, which gives an impression in it’s wholeness, relating colours, relating surfaces, like in every furniture-catalogue the books on the shelves all have the same colour.On the other hand you stage a few things, perhaps with a relation to you. Both rooms are able to express a certain stillness.
    ( But the version, you show us here would drive me crazy…..)

  3. beautiful images – love the stylish clutter look, so much detail
    and interest
    but to live like this? not sure if I could…
    however I do love shops that are overstocked with products and beauty!

  4. Though I love the look of homes like this (full of detail charm and originality,) I cannot imagine dusting them…It seems like a piece of art more than a place to live in..Or maybe the art of living is creating and being art like these photos suggest.

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