Small magazine

small-magazine.jpgChristine Visneau and Olivia Pintos-Lopez (Booklyn), editors of Small magazine showcases creative work on a small scale and for the small sized. Although primarily for children’s products and designs it is also about small-scale productions. Contributors include people that are interested in play, children, childhood and the child within and who produce high quality work and independent products and design on a small-scale. ‘We think a return to grass roots creativity is good for the world and in a consuming society we can choose to support small companies and makers and the independently creative.‘ [Issue 1 is online, via Applehead]


7 thoughts on “Small magazine

  1. I love, love this magazine, I love the way they combine those cute outfits with decorating items. And the most important thing in a website, from my point of view. The pictures are great, Love it thank you so much for the link.

    P.S. I also opt for supporting the small business.

  2. Marianne introduced me to this online mag too! super sweet
    I emailed them with my flickr craft & illustration sets
    and they responded so hope to dress their paper doll oneday…

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