tilt-shift-miniatures.jpgWhen I first saw these by Bitter*girls {featured during Japan week}, I questioned if they were miniature models. It turns out there’s a technique in photography called tilt/shift that makes aerial photographs of real scenes look like miniature models – the effect is charming, but expensive, because you have to buy a tilt-shift lens. You can ‘fake’ this effect in Photoshop [my favourite magical software] with this tutorial by Simon Mackie (there’s even a flickr group devoted to this technique). Click here for more info -larger photos found here


7 thoughts on “MiniWorld

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  2. Hmmmm, I looked at the photos first, then wnt to the bitter-girls page and back and was totally trapped: I truely believed the photos to be model-snapshots. Then I read your text……. Magic technic!

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