Toy shopping

toy-shop.jpgI think it’s time for some toy shopping, because you’re never too old for toys…

*Carrousel with Seamen – Het Grote Avontuur {via Bloesem}
* Schylling tin toys – Angelic Dreamz
* Animated scene with automatons – Automates-Anciens
* Automata – Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
* German toy kitchen – eBay
PS. Vanessa, I’ll trade an Airstream Trailer for your Fairy tree;
failing that I’ll have to settle for a Treehouse at Habitat


10 thoughts on “Toy shopping

  1. never too old…some great links!
    i love vintage wind up toys and paperdolls myself!!
    I actually saw one of my favourite childhood toys ‘Fashion plates’ by Mattel on Ebay for US$30 and still going…

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