Industrial design

industrial-design.jpgElle Decor UK (June) featured the apartment of Kenneth Kvarnström, a choreographer and artistic director for the House of Dance in Stockholm. He wanted to create a functional-looking space, so he opted to furnish the place with old factory lights, street signs and office filing cabinets. Its monochrome colour scheme and injections of bold typography is the essence of graphic chic.

Wouldn’t it be cool to live in an old converted warehouse / factory building with exposed brickwork and, industrial reclaim / salvaged furniture? I’ve always loved reclaimed furniture and wood floors. I know the whole look can be a little harsh, masculine and somewhat ‘Manhattan’, but the graphic element i.e. displaying printing blocks can be very striking (love Bugheart’s house). How about using an old hotel lobby key box, or pigeon-holes / medicine drawers to hold your stationery?

10 thoughts on “Industrial design

  1. There is nothing wrong with the ‘Manhattan’ look. I’ve never actually been there but I eat at a New York pizza restaurant with exposed brickwork all the time. I quite like the setting.

  2. i love this. that typography is fantastic… the bold graphic look is so appealing to me but it requires much less clutter than what i’ve got going right now :)

  3. i love typography
    its fabulous!
    the injection of bold graphic look is so appealing to me.
    a good way of recycling materials to something useful

    NICE indeed.

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