Nigel Peake

nigel-peake.jpgThrough Six Cities Design Festival (a £3 million initiative aimed at celebrating and raising awareness of the value of design and creativity in all six of Scotland’s cities), I found the amazing artwork of Nigel Peake, Irish-born illustrator/architect who creates drawings and illustrations from his studio in Edinburgh. As well as working as a design tutor at the School of Architecture at Edinburgh University, recent commissions have included designs for Ninjatunes, Habitat, Eastpak, Antiz Skateboards and Automaton Snowboards.

13 thoughts on “Nigel Peake

  1. I love it… “Everything is made from something small…” Yet another reason why not to throw away pennies….I know it does not really tie in.. But in my mind it does.. as I fight with my freind Dino about not throwing away pennies…And from one small thing, comes a mound….if you collect long enough! xxxooo

  2. Wow!!I like these maps…..and always liked maps. Maps, good for nothing, but wandering around with your finger on them and imaging, where you are in your mind!!!!

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