Screaming lulu

screaming-lulu1.jpgLou Lou (Brighton, UK), a permanent 50 something art student, living at the seaside with her dog, and 2 grown up boys living nearby.
I’m obsessed! I’ve subscribed to Embroidery magazine – I do nothing but sew – I can’t leave the house for long as I want to rush back to my machine.
I even wake up early eager to sew! I’m loving it!

Her machine embroidery is amazing, I don’t know how she controls the thread with such precision to draw and even write!

18 thoughts on “Screaming lulu

  1. i just found her work on flickr yesterday, and can’t stop going back to look at it… it is wonderful. thanks for the link babelf.

    loulou, if you are reading this, i love your work!

  2. i recently started to play with the foot that allows you to draw with a sewing machine. i took a little workshop on this in Peru but until now haven’t really started practicing. it’s challenging but really fun!

  3. Oh my goodness me!! How wonderful it is to receive all this praise! I am soooooo flattered!! Ive only been playing with my sewing machine for 6 weeks or so and I really do love it (and, as you can tell, have become addicted to freehand embroidery!)

    I think it is simply taking lots and lots of practice to control the thread – its a bit like driving a car, having to think about many things at once!

    Yes, I am happy to sell anything that anyone wants! I will have an etsy shop very soon now, but in the meantime, just contact me via flickr or if you are interested in anything in particular, or in fact if I could make something specific that youd like!

    thanks again
    lulu :)

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