Shantell Martin (27) an illustrator originally from London, is a rare international talent in Tokyo. “Drawing for me is a line that flows between the past and the future without touching the sides.” “When I draw I start with one regular line, then I simply follow it until it’s finished.
Her light and quirky line drawings are intriguing and, the influences of two cultures is clearly evident in her work.

A new fashion label “Encadreurs” meaning “framers” in French, with the idea to collaborate with a different artist every season took Shantell’s illustrations and used fashion as a tool for framing it. The result is an inspiring combination (via PingMag).


12 thoughts on “Shanteru

  1. Shantell, did you write all these comments yourself? why does everyone love you? and why do you always look so good in every single photo? it’s not natural, i tell you…and so what if i am jealous :) see you at test tone yo ne!

  2. Always love what you do, your style, fragitly and delicioius drawings… Sweet, keep collaborating little the stars…. x

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