Some of my favs

Camilla Engman (Artist, Illustrator and Graphic designer) lives with her husband and her dog, Morran, in Gothenburg, Sweden. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts (School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University) in 1996. Since then she has freelanced as a graphic designer and illustrator {web|new blog}.


16 thoughts on “Some of my favs

  1. just a note to say hi, I’m still here, still popping in as often as I can, and still loving it all. You show so much that is new to me, and even when it’s not new to me, you are reminding me of the work of people who’s work I love but which I don’t always get the time to check in on frequently.

    thanks for being better than me at leaving comments :0)

  2. Don’t tell Mr. Lovee that I escaped the “Honeymoon.” (Not really a honeymmon, but you know what I mean, a vacation alone) to come visit you, my sweatheart!!! Camilla’s work is sublime! Fab yet peaceful… LOVE it. You always share the best! You are a special little creature, to me!!!xxo

  3. I discovered Camillia blog when she linked me to a post on her blog. She makes drawing look so easy…that is the gift of her art; she makes it look simple, she allows us to jump into creativity and explore.

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