Wendy’s sweets party

For Wendy’s sweets party, I decided to bring one of my flickr friends ‘Happy Chan‘ (Japan) along, as she is the queen of *sweets love*. I know this is kinda cheating, so I’ll have to confess to bringing the only candy I know how –Eye Candy ;) plus, something for your listening pleasure.
Feast your eyes on the delicious desserts and,
head over to Wendy’s blog to wish her Happy Birthday, as well as meet the other guests.


12 thoughts on “Wendy’s sweets party

  1. OH!
    A Sweets party!
    Now I wish I’d given in to temptation and bought that Green & Black’s Almond Chocolate today. I wanted it badly, but bought 2 carrots instead. Can you see my halo? It’s obscured by my gaping maw ;)

  2. How on earth do you manage such goodness???? All of the darn time??? Oh, I wanted to go to Wendy’s B-day, but my day took me by the hair, swung me over the farthest star, and I just now tumbled in… Do you think my teachers believed me in school??? xxxoxooxoxo

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