Cabinet of curiosities

ohbara.jpgI’d mentioned Eireann Lorsung’s beautiful Oh bara products before, she recently started a new blog and completed a meme which reaffirms her artistic & language talents ‘I speak Japanese, French, English, some Spanish, a bit of Italian, and scraps of Chinese, Irish (Gaelige), and a few other languages.

Love the way she displayed her collection of miniature objects, much like those in ‘Cabinet of Curiosities‘. Did you see the recent Collection series by Camilla?

13 thoughts on “Cabinet of curiosities

  1. Wunderkammer’s are one of my great all time inspirations. I love reading about them and looking at the old catalogues and illustrations of the treasures housed within.

  2. when i was little i used to write stories about visiting a great aunt’s victorian house that was filled with such curiosities. i still wish i had an aunt with a magical house like this…

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