Chris Haughton

chris-haughton.jpgChris Haughton is an irish illustrator and designer living in London. After studying design and illustration in Ireland’s national college of art and design, he travelled for two years, mainly to China, India and in south east asia. He then settled in Hong Kong for a year and worked freelance doing design and illustration work before moving to London.
Chris illustrates for several magazines and newspapers and began making hand-made prints and designs for clothing and stationery with the fair trade company People Tree (a japanese and uk based fair trade clothing network started in 1995 in tokyo and now has offices in tokyo and london and 70 different producer groups and co-ops in 20 developing countries)| read interview.

8 thoughts on “Chris Haughton

  1. I am amazed at the connections you have, the depth of knowledge you give to each post. Many of the “inspiring-creative-info-mag-blogs,” just give a link to where they found the images. Or they credit the blog they found it on…and forget to talk about the artist, the one who creates, the one who took the photos, or the designer and designs of the artist. This is what I admire about you. You not only share your creative knowledge, but you share generously about the artist, who they are and what they do. You give mini bios and I appreciate that, your time and energy to inform us!

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