eclectic-gipsyland.jpgIt felt like we’ve had rain every day in June, so it’s time to inject some colours into this month (can’t believe it’s July already). Some wonderful inspiration from Cécile of Eclectic Gipsyland.


Others around blogland: Gypsy Purple, My Marrakesh
Stores: Kitsch Kitchen, Pedlars, Rice dk


16 thoughts on “Colours

  1. I love color, especially these “gypsy” colors. So vibrant!

    p.s. Am I really the Blog of the Week? I am so flattered I don’t know what to say. Except thank you. :)

  2. we have parallel weather i think… raining every day and in between, HOT! this color is much needed as i think i’m about to get drenched again :) xo

  3. isn’t her flickr one of the most wonderful!. Its one of my favorites to visit and always cheers me up! Like living in a fairytale! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too, it’s wonderful to have caring blog friends!

  4. wow! that is what I call a truly fantastic colourful display. and you really need it up there with so much rain. so sorry for the bad weather in june. in fact the weather in here hasn’t been “normal” for this time of the year either. not that I mind these spring like days because I really dislike very hot weather that we usually have here. but it isn’t normal, no.

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