7 7 7

casa-batllo.jpgA perfect day for a wedding? If nothing else, July 7, 2007, will be particularly auspicious for wedding planners, bookers and dressmakers, all of whom are cashing in on jittery couples determined to make lifelong commitments on a day replete with lucky numbers

How’s this for a venue? Casa Batlló, enchants all those who can appreciate imagination, grand settings and artistic expressions of life. Offering outstanding rooms for very special events, rooms in which the distinctive hallmark is the elegant succession of architectural and artistic features designed with remarkable creativity and fashioned by the finest artists and skilled craftsman of Gaudi‘s time.

* Arrive in one of these {via Maryam of Marrakesh} * Party inspiration {via Gypsy Purple}


3 thoughts on “7 7 7

  1. What a brilliant venue, and I love the idea of arriving in a rickshaw, especially one decorated so fantastically.

    PS A very big and belated thank-you for your snail mail gift the other week. xo lj

  2. gosh, i never thought of 7 as a lucky number, but now that you mention it it does sound familiar. I’m so blind to other number cause I love my 3’s, and 9’s etc.

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