Angie Lewin

angie-lewin.jpgCountry Living featured an 8 page article on Angie Lewin‘s work and
Norfolk home in their May 2007 issue.

Throughout the house, seed heads and pods, rather than fresh flowers, fill simple pots, jugs and jars – evidence of which also shapes her work as an artist printmaker…

Today the wild flowers and grasses of the north Norfolk countryside, as well as her own garden, provide her with a rich seam of subject matter – the sculptural seed heads of plantains, dandelions, goat’s beard, poppies, cow parsley, teasels, and sea lavender outlined against sea and sky are captured in her beautiful, limited-edition prints. The colours and designs are evocative of the Fifties and yet refreshingly original.


10 thoughts on “Angie Lewin

  1. when I was a teenager I loved to collect big bunches of dried seed heads and grasses in late summer to decorate my room and give them to friends. I loved their neutral colours so much. Great to see this refreshed here!

  2. lovely light in those pics!! I like the airy citrus shades – nature inspired goodness!!
    I really enjoy country living UK and USA! both are great mags!!

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