Sab letterpress

sab-letterpress.jpgIn a quick-moving society, there’s a desire to hold onto things that are nostalgic, one that isn’t mass produced often involving traditional craftsmanship. Everytime I see images of letterpress and typography, I fall in love. There is indescribable beauty in the type blocks, printing mechanisms and quality designs. I love the images on this site, let the pictures speak for themselves.
* Adventures in letterpress
* A lesson in letterpress
* Landscape Products
* Papier Labo

8 thoughts on “Sab letterpress

  1. the japanese amaze me with the way they present the things they make. the images are so beautiful you don’t really need to understand japanese.
    this concept of holding “onto things that are nostalgic, that isn’t mass produced” is the same concept behind serrote, which you probably know.
    they acquired an old typography machine and started producing limited editions of pretty small notebooks

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