Flora Bowley

flora-bowley.jpg Flora Shannon Bowley works full time as a painter in Portland, Oregon where she is surrounded by cityscapes, lush forests, changing seasons, and a multitude of tiny living things.
For me, painting is the intersection of wild abandon and intuitive mark making through which I interpret an ever-accumulating collection of memories and ideas. I find purpose in the very act of relating objects and colors to one another and allowing stories to unfold before me. My paintings are not meant to be answers or conclusions; rather they are a celebration of the present moment, chaotic, subtle, beautiful and ever-changing.

6 thoughts on “Flora Bowley

  1. Hi…
    thanks for putting me up as blog of the week :)

    (the slippers look great don’t they…although there is a discussion going on about them falling off of your feet when you try to walk in them)

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