Mike & Chris

mikenchris.jpgThe husband and wife design duo Mike & Chris (Mike and Christine Gonzalez) create collections using an array of fabrics from super soft fleece in antiqued colors to distressed leathers, detailed with oversized buttons, antique brass eyelets, and unconventional styling, the line has expanded on the hoodie concept to develop a full Men’s & Women’s collection that reflect the art and sub-culture of their roots.
Born in Queens, NY, Christine, has always been inspired by the arts while husband Mike pursued a career in fashion photography that eventually took him to New York and Paris. “Mike comes from a long line of artists and as a former photographer, his inherent understanding of how colors and the lines of clothes work really shaped a lot of the designs,” says Christine. “Christine and I grew up in the LA and NY of the late 70s and ’80s. Our line is really inspired by that aesthetic,” says Mike. Whether paired with their super soft knit leggins, wide trousers, or skirts, the collection exudes a street sensibility with a sort of laid-back chic.


7 thoughts on “Mike & Chris

  1. Ah, I want all of these clothes. Yes, I do. And I want them to fall and hang on me just like in the photos too.
    see you, g xo
    (Welcome back to blogging… looks like I have many posts to catch up on.)

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