Catia Chien

catia-chien.jpgCatia Chien, a painter who works from her studio in Southern CA, she is a collector of fun entomology facts and has been known to prefer soup over most other types of food. Besides filled with avid imagination, her work is described as rich with whimsy, colours and energy.
Her work is available for purchase via her shop.


9 thoughts on “Catia Chien

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  2. she’s one of my favorite artists. i like how she offers up commissions where you send her one word and then she creates a painting just for you.

  3. Her work is breathtaking. What I love about it is it’s raw and has an earthy feel, not glossy and obnoxious looking!! you can see the strokes and the outlines clearly and it gives the work an edgy look. Also her use of color is fantastic! I wish I painted like her :(

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