Erin Nelson

erin-nelson.jpgErin Janey Nelson born 1989; grew up in Atlanta, GA.,
moving to New York to attend The Cooper Union.


11 thoughts on “Erin Nelson

  1. hey, i live in atlanta now! there seem to be some great artists here….. graet find. :)
    i love the collages of images that you put together, by the way. they are really lovely every day!

  2. i am readin blogs while my husband and his friend and father are watching football. i’m oohing and ahhing over the artists and they are yelling and screaming at the tv!

  3. gosh! you made me feel old with that date in there :)
    I know exactly what I was doing in 1989.

    her work is very compelling. it is the light that belongs to a dreamy place and the poetry but also a certain restlessness feeling that some images provoke. I think a bit like modern fairy tales.
    above all I love her photographs.

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