Cig Harvey

cig-harvey.jpg‘It seems there is a power in photographing that which immediately surrounds me. The spaces in which I live and work become sets for past and present personal experiences. My work is of me and about me but composed of the same timeless themes and emotions that define the human condition. My life is not extraordinary. I struggle with grief and the realization that it is as inevitable and as necessary as passion. Life is a negotiation of the self and the mythological concepts of love, fear, sex, death, security and courage. These narrations of the spirit transcend time & space and are the threads of which the tapestry of life is woven.’

‘The resulting self portraits are archetypal in their exploration of the human condition. They are unashamedly declarations of beauty and faith in life.’ Cig Harvey {via frolic!}


10 thoughts on “Cig Harvey

  1. Cig was one of my earlier teachers at The Workshops in Maine.I believe the she still works with a medium format camera and uses film. With her its not just point and shoot,her photos take alot of time to put into production and she is truly one of the major artist in the world. I’m always inspired by what she can achieve, and I just wish that I had her patients.

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