Michelle Moode

After stumbling on Michelle Moode‘s (US) work on etsy, I felt compelled to find out more about the artist behind this fascinating mixed-media art. Michelle has a background in Printmaking and Fine Arts and is currently teaching at Loyola Marymount University. Her Master’s Thesis ‘Pieces of the Universe‘ is an interesting read into her love affair with collecting and repetition (images taken from her Thesis, read it here).
My art-making process is more cyclical than linear, and because of this, the lines that separate “old”, “recent,” or “finished” work are often blurred or overlapping. In this regard, I view my work as an ever-evolving archive that can be presented in numerous manifestations.

11 thoughts on “Michelle Moode

  1. I like these soft colours, which give a total different feeling concerning the collected stuff than for example a collection of “loudly”-coloured things would give. The pieces express stillness and concentration….very beautiful!

  2. This is what I love about you and your site! You truly want to find out more and tell us the whole story! Michelles’ work is really wonderful and her ‘space’ so so creative – love the whole concept of ‘repition’… great find!

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