Perfect combo

mav-camilla.jpgCamilla Engman & Mav, Port2Port, both extremely talented artists have created a new set of prints (their final seasonal collaboration of the year).

Camilla :: don’t forget to purchase your 2008 calendar from Camilla’s shop
and swoon over her adorable prints.

Port2Port :: Impeccable eye-candy ‘A new emptiness’
photographs & prints project.
For the month of October, port2port is running an Early Bird Holiday Sale
{on holiday Card Society Memberships and Custom Stationery Sets}
email mav for details.

7 thoughts on “Perfect combo

  1. ps, not been visiting here because your the arty crafty equivalent of a patisserie, too mauch temptation, i’d be off linking and never get any work or rest! But I must confess I plan to have a wee peek after I send this, but no links, i will restrain myself. honestly.

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