Movable Type

sam-winston.jpgSam Winston‘s work is about mixing language with form.
He attributes much of his inspiration to his dyslexia, which he says makes him think about words in a different way.

‘With the “Dictionary Story” I was exploring the notion of reading environments – the spaces that are created when people become “lost” inside a book.’ He asked himself what would happen if words could take on their own meaning without the help of the reader. ‘How would “anger” respond if he met “apathy”; what would happen if “lawless” bumped into “lawn”? he wondered.
Winston’s aim was to make the text take on its own personality and character before it has been read.
(Anne Odling-Smee, The new handmade graphics. Autumn 2002)


7 thoughts on “Movable Type

  1. oooh, that’s really interesting. amazing how words can become something so beautiful and delicate. his pieces would look great in sweet little frames hanging in a group.

  2. that’s a great find, thanks!! You can express so much by using words/language in this way!!! Illustrating- without drawing and painting- what you say…..Beautiful!!!!!!!

  3. hi Babelfish!
    thank you so much for this link. it looks really interesting and I have saved it on my bookmarks to have a proper look later one. I’m really into working with words at the moments, so this is great. thank you!
    have a wonderful weekend! :)

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