City Shrinker

cityshrinker.jpgBorn 1981 in Adelaide Australia, Ben Thomas developed his creative itch playing jazz trumpet then moving onto filming the local bands he grew up admiring. Ben later graduated from the International Design Effects and Animation School Adelaide before picking up a still camera and a new city, Melbourne. ‘My aim is to give that feeling of newness with each shot I take. My method is to take what was once large and shrink it down to model size. To take the familiar and get you thinking even if for a second “wait a minute, is that…”
You see amazing things every day. It could be out the window of the train on your way to work, it could be in your back yard, even better it could be somewhere completely foreign, something you didn’t know existed.
** Talking of which, Maryam of ‘My Marrakesh‘ is a finalist in the 2007 Annual Weblog Awards
(category of Best Middle East /African Blog), don’t forget to support her by sending your votes.


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